Tips for eating less Halloween candy

You’ve been doing so good with this healthy eating thing and then bam! Here comes halloween – and with it, ALL the candy!!

Whether you will be giving out candy to trick or treaters or have kiddos of your own who will be bringing candy home (or both!) – being around candy during this time of year is inevitable

So, how do you keep yourself from eating ALL the candy???

Here are a few tips that may be helpful to you:

1. Wait until the last possible minute to buy candy

I’m talking the day before or even better, day of Halloween. Hey! You may even be able to get it a little cheaper

2. Buy just enough to give out so you have no leftovers

If this is not your first year giving out candy, then you probably have a good idea of how much candy you actually need to give out. Put all the candy you buy in a bowl and start giving out more towards end of the night so you have little or no left overs

3. If you don’t like it – you will be less tempted to eat it

Buy the candy you are least tempted by, if you don’t actually like the candy you buy – it is not worth the calories for you to eat it

4. Fuel your body throughout the day with nutritious food

Sugar cravings usually come on when your body is not properly nourished . So if you are eating healthy throughout the day – you are less likely to get those late night sugar cravings

5. Don’t restrict – but be mindful

Complete restriction is probably the worst thing you can do, because it will most likely lead to binging later on. But do set a limit for yourself. Pick one or two pieces of candy that are your absolute favorite and actually enjoy them. Eat them mindfully – take your time and savor the taste

6. Once Halloween is over, don’t keep the leftovers at your house

Let’s be honest, having this much sugar readily available is not good for you or your children. In my experience – most kids enjoy the act of trick or treating and the initial treats, but after that they pretty much forget the candy is even there – unless it is in their field of vision. So get it out of your house – bring it to work, bring it to parties, or throw it in the trash. Really – it’s ok!