Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is something that used to scare me.

How the heck was I supposed to shut down my mind to relax when I had a million things going through it at once!

I quickly discovered that meditation is not about silencing your mind or even controlling your mind – it’s about learning how to not allow your mind and your thoughts to control you

Here is a list of a few areas of your life meditation can help with:

1. Reduce anxiety

2. Relief depression

3. Release fears

4. Lower blood pressure by slowing down cardiovascular system

5. Restore balanced function to the digestive system and improve nutrients absorption

6. Relax the nervous system

7. Relief muscle tension

8. Diminish intensity of headaches/migraines

9. Relief insomnia

10. Quiet the mind and help free from internal chatter and feelings of self-doubt

11. Increases optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation

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