Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

stress, red pencilWe live in such a face paced society that anxiety is almost like the new norm. If you’ve ever expereince an anxiety attack, you know how scary they can be and how out of control they make you feel.

Grounding is a mindfulness technique that can help to bring out of panic before it completely overtakes and can help to prevent these attacks.

Here are a few simple ways to use mindful grounding:

Breathe deeply – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Really focus on your breath, you can count  as you are breathing to help distract your mind from focusing on the panic, to focusing solely on your breath

Slowly look around you and find the following:

  • Five things you can see – really focus on all the details of using your sight sense
  • Four things you can touch – then go and touch them, describe how they feel
  • Three things you can hear – really focusing on your sense of hearing
  • Two things you can smell – do these smells remind you of anything
  • One  positive emotion you feel


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