Time Management Awareness

We all have 24 hours in a day and yet we often feel like there just isn’t enough time to do all the things on our To Do list.

This overwhelming stress over not having enough time often leads to procrastination. I know that seems counterintuitive, but procrastination is actually a stress response.

But what if there were things you could do to help you become more aware of how you spend and waste your time throughout the day?

Try completing this time management awareness exercise to help you hold yourself more accountable of how you manage your time

In a journal, write down the following:

1. The projects I’m prioritizing right now are ____________________.

2. This week I accomplished ________________, which supports my goal of ________________.

3. This week I did not complete ______________ because _______________.

4. I often interrupt my work to _______________.

5. I retain information better when I _______________.

6. I keep track of my schedule with _______________. It works for me because ________________.

7. I say no to projects and/or people when _____________.

8. I feel stressed or stretched thin when _____________. I know I am stressed when _____________.

9. I feel energized when I _______________.

10. I focus better when I _________________.

Revisit this exercise every few months to keep yourself on track

Share your thoughts about this in the comments – do you feel this will be effective for you? Why or why not??

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