Create a Healthy Home Environment

Your home environment plays a crucial role in your health and happiness physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your home environment is not only the place where you wake up each morning but also the environment that surrounds you throughout the day. Creating a space that feels safe and comfortable and brings you joy is both empowering and crucial for living a healthy and happy life.

A clean and comfortable living environment reduces stress and therefore increases health and happiness. Imagine living in a home with four children, where dishes are left in the sink, children’s clothes are strewn across the bedroom floor, and your office space has become more of a playroom. Mentally, you are all over the place; it is much harder to concentrate on tasks at hand when your laptop is hidden under a pile of clothes. Emotionally, you are ungrounded as this setup doesn’t offer a safe space for you to relax and unwind after a long day. The kids have taken over every room, leaving you without a space to call your own. Physically, you are tired as the stress of living in a cluttered home has manifested as aches and pains throughout your body. As you can see, your environment can directly affect your mental, emotional, and physical health in a major way!

Just as you fill your body with delicious, healthy foods to achieve optimal health, it’s important to create a home that lights you up from the inside out. The goal is to design a home for the life you dream of and the vision you wish to achieve. As bio-individuals, these preferences will vary for everyone. While one person may desire an energizing and thought-provoking space with bright, ornate decorations, another may be seeking calm in a soft-toned, minimally filled home. One person may thrive in a big city, while another may be more comfortable in a quiet, rural community. Your home environment should be a reflection of how you want your life to look.

First things first, you want to reflect on your current home environment. Get a piece of paper and actually describe your current environment. How does it make you feel?

Then, envision your ideal environment. How is it different from your current home? Use images, scents, feelings and sounds to describe your ideal home environment.

Once you have an image in your mind, or on paper, of how you want your home to look – there are a few simple steps you can take right away.

  1. Fill your home with houseplants. Plants are great for purifying the air, boosting your mood, improving health and sharpening focus.
  2. Clean and de-clutter your living space. Take a little time each day to pick up a few things here and there. Staying consistent with this will develop into a habit and help you feel better mentally.
  3. Light soy scented candles (the ones that are pure and toxin-free) or use a diffuser with essential oils throughout your house. Different essential oils have different benefits and can help you feel better physically and mentally
  4. Hang pictures and artwork throughout your living space. Artwork has been shown to increase creating thinking, boost self-esteem and increase brain connectivity. Having pictures of loved ones around your house can bring back happy memories and boost your mood
  5. Start an herb garden inside – not only will you have the benefit of year-round fresh herbs grown in a toxin-free environment, it will end up saving you some money from buying them in the store
  6. Create a cozy sleep space. This one is so important! Getting enough quality sleep is so vital to your physical and mental health. Invest in good quality and comfortable sheets, pillows, blankets. Make sure temperature is comfortable, keep outside light out with blinds/curtains, don’t have TV or other bright screens in your bedroom. In the morning, get into a habit of making your bed.
  7. Paint your walls warmer colors or hang tapestries on your walls
  8. Organize your kitchen pantry – you will be more likely to want to cook at home if your kitchen area is organized. Which means you will create more nutritious meals and spend less money going out to eat or ordering take out

So, which one of these steps will you try first to improve your home environment?

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