5 Tips For Busy Moms To Help Maintain Your Sanity

Do you ever wake up feeling like it’s Ground Hog day, every day is the same routine with one ultimate goal: keep the tiny humans alive!

Mothers are supposed to do it all, right? Wether you are a working mom, work from home mom, stay at home mom or an entrepreneur, at the end of the day you are exhausted from fulfilling all your roles. Throughout the day you may sometimes feel like you’re losing you mind – because let’s face it “mommy brain” is the real deal! Oh, and forget trying to plan anything – one of the kids is bound to get sick when you have an important meeting or a date night with your partner.

So what can we as moms do to maintain our sanity??

Here are five tips that will get you started in the right direction:

  1. Spend some alone time – it doesn’t matter if its an hour or 10 minutes. You need alone time to collect your thoughts and re-energize your spirit
  2. Find a hobby – it can be something new or something you used to enjoy doing and stopped because life got in the way
  3. Connect with like minded people – other moms with kids similar in age, co-workers you have things in common with, re-connect with old friends
  4. Exercise – working out isn’t just for losing weight, it will help improve your mood and give you energy
  5. Ask for help – I know you think you can do it all and that no one else is quite capable of doing it the right way, but you are only human. A little bit of help and delegating can go a long way

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Now mama, go get some rest, you deserve it!

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