Spend Time Alone

Last week I wrote a blog post with 5 tips for busy moms to help keep their sanity. In it, I mentioned that I will be breaking down each tip down into more detail.

This weeks post is about the importance of spending time alone. As busy moms, alone time is very precious and we may not have an opportunity for large chunks of it, but ANY alone time is better than nothing at all.

So what if you literally have no time to breathe and feel like all your time is spent either working and/or taking care of your family? Try focusing less on what you can’t do (like go out for a massage) and more on what you CAN do. Small breaks in your day can make a big difference.

When you wake up in the morning, set your alarm to wake up 10-30 minutes earlier than everyone else. Initially it might feel like a sacrifice of precious sleep time, but in the long run you will feel the benefits of spending that time alone. You can use this time for simple meditation – sitting in a quiet place and simply focusing on your breathing. You can spend a few minutes journaling – either free writing about your feelings or keeping a gratitude journal. You can do some light exercise, stretching or yoga – this will have physical and mental benefits for your body and mind. Or you can just have hot breakfast and a hot cup of coffee or tea in a quiet and peaceful environment, before the craziness of your day starts.

You can then take tiny breaks during the day too, taking a minute here and there to focus on and slow down your breathing can be a great time-out to re-charge your energy.

At the end of your day, after the kids go to sleep – you can do a very similar routine before your exhaustion takes over and you go to sleep yourself.

If you are lucky enough to actually get a few hours to yourself, then by all means go and do all those self-care activities that we love as women: hair, nails, massage, shopping…

Oh, and by the way, there is absolutely no shame in taking some time to completely zone out with a game on your phone or mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest

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