Connect With Like-Minded People

This is the third in the series of blog posts on tips for busy moms to keep their sanity. As introverted as some of us can be, we as humans are still social beings and we have a need for interpersonal connections

Being a mom is the most rewarding things in the world, but it can also often be a very lonely place to be. We often feel like we lose our individual identities after becoming a parent and live our lives to serve others. 

Sometimes we grow apart from people who were once our friends because our lives becomes busy and with different priorities, we may even lose long lasting friendships and relationships.

We often feel alone, not realizing that there are thousands of us feeling the exact same way! 

It’s important to connect with like minded people, people who have the same interests, hobbies, daily activities as you. 

Remember last week when we talked about finding hobbies? That’s a great way to find those like-minded people to connect with. 

Not a people person? You don’t actually have to have face to face connections. In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to form virtual friendships. 

So many facebook groups you can join that will connect you with similar people. I absolutely believe you can form a genuine relationship with someone you may never meet in real life.

There are so many local “mommy and me” play date groups and mommies night out groups.

What hobbies did you identify last week? Where can you start to look for those people to connect with?

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