Benefits Of Exercise

This is the forth blog post in the series of posts to help busy moms keep their sanity. Make sure you check out all the previous posts for additional tips.

Exercise is a topic that I am personally very passionate about as I truly believe it was a catalyst for me out of my experience with postpartum anxiety. I was in a really bad spot mentally and emotionally and noticed that devoting those 30-45 minutes every day to workout (something that prior to that I absolutely dreaded) pulled me out of the darkness.

You may be thinking “how am I supposed to find time for exercise, when I don’t have to breathe??” I get it! I am a busy mom too, feeling like I’m constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions. But finding time for exercise is something that is essential to your physical and mental health, it is part of your self-care

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean having a gym membership or working with a personal trainer – although those options are wonderful. Exercise can be as simple as putting your kid in a stroller and take a 1-2 mile walk. Calling up your friend and taking the kids to a playground and jogging around the playground while your kids play. Going to mommy and me classes – there are so many different options for them these days. Waking up 15-30 minutes before everyone else in the house and looking up some free you tube exercise videos – there are literally thousands of them. Searching workouts on Pinterest and doing them right in your home – during nap time or with the kids.

When my kids were babies – I’d put them in their bouncer and work out at home right next to them while they curiously watched me. As they got a little bit older, they started joining me – I bought small 1-2 lbs weights for them so they could feel like they were working hard with me. This not only benefits you, but also sets an example for your children.

Sure, most people start exercising because they want to lose weight, but there are so many other benefits to exercising. Natural endorphins release, stress management, disease management/prevention, memory boost – just to name a few.

So if you are one of the people who dreads exercise and looks at it as “another chore I have to put on my plate”, I encourage you to change your mindset about it, you will be surprised to find that you may actually start to enjoy it

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