How To Raise Your Vibration – 5 Practical Ways To Add Flow And Harmony To Your Life

“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein

Imagine this: you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, you get out of bed, get ready for your day. You make yourself a healthy nutritious breakfast, the sun is shining, so you decide to sit outside and enjoy that warm sunshine on your face. How did that make you feel? I bet you felt warm, relaxed and happy.

Everything in the Universe is made up of particles that vibrate and they all vibrate at different frequencies. That includes you – you are made up of vibrating particles and those particles vibrate at different speeds depending on your energy. The higher your vibration, the happier you feel. The happier you feel – the higher your vibration gets.

There are many practical ways to raise your vibration when you are feeling low or simply need a boost. Here are just a few that are my personal go to:

  1. Breath work and Meditation.

We all breathe, but do you ever pay attention to how you breathe? We are a quick paced society, constantly rushing from one thing to the next, and this reflects in our breathing. Most of us breathe as fast as we move. Breathing to raise your vibration means slowing down and really focusing on your breathing. You want to breathe in through your nose and feel your breath go all the way down to your lower chakras, breathing out through your mouth and letting out a sign – releasing all the energy that no longer serves you.

Meditation is simply a form of breath work, with the addition of our connection to the divine. If you feel scared by the concept of meditation, guided meditations are a great way to begin your meditation journey. You can find an array of guided meditations on

2. High Vibration Foods and Eliminating Toxins From Your Body.

Everything you eat has an energy of its own, so when you consume food, you are also consuming the energy of that food. When you make food at home and you use clean ingredients, you know exactly what goes into your body. Some of the best high vibrations foods are organic fruits and vegetables, which can be incorporated into all your meals. Your energy when preparing your meals also matters – make sure to always add the extra ingredient of love to your cooking.

In that same aspect, eliminating toxins from your body such as alcohol and processed foods, will help to raise your vibration and connect you closer to your spirituality and your higher self

3. Gratitude and Positive Thoughts

Starting your day with gratitude can literally chemically re-wire your brain. There is always something to be grateful for. Stop for a moment, look around your room and name two things you are grateful for in your environment. Take pauses throughout your day to raise your awareness around new things that you notice. Keep a gratitude journal and add new things to it daily.

Your thoughts matter, they also carry a vibration with them and affect your feelings and behaviors. What thoughts do you give your attention to throughout the day? Do you get stuck in the negativity when one thing doesn’t go as planned? Every time you have a thought that spirals you down, turn it around by thinking about something positive, it may be even be completely unrelated to whatever brought your vibration down initially.

4. Pay Attention To What You Consume With Your Eyes and Ears

The things we watch on TV, read about in books, magazines and see on social media, even the music we listen to, they all carry a vibration. Do you ever scroll past something on Facebook and feel angered? Do you get caught up with replying to something you don’t agree with? Ever feel anxious after watching something violent, even if its fiction? Pay attention to the things that trigger a visceral reaction in you.

5. Connect With Nature

We are a part of mother Gaia and she is a part of us. Connecting with nature is one of my favorite ways to raise my vibration. Going outside for a walk, sitting and reading under a tree, laying down and mediating at a park, taking off your shoes and walking around barefoot, simply sitting by a creek and listening to the sounds around you.