How To Use Focus To Stop Procrastinating

Ever feel like you are so busy all the time, but you don’t actually get important things accomplished?

There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. That difference is FOCUS!

I get the most things accomplished when I am in my focused cocoon- no distractions, no noise – just me, my to-do list, and my intense concentration- I get more accomplished in a few hours than I sometimes do in a week full of distractions.

I’m going to share a few tricks that help me beat my procrastination and help to increase my overall focus

  1. Ask yourself, “am I enjoying what I’m currently working on?

Not enjoying the task you are working on is one of the biggest reasons why people procrastinate, feel distracted and put things off until last minute. If it doesn’t set your soul on fire and feels like a daunting chore, delegate it to someone else.

2. Put away ALL distractions

That means putting “do not disturb” on your phone or putting the phone away altogether. If you are working on your computer, the only tab to have open should be the one you are working on. Turn off all the “dings” for notifications that may come through while you’re working. All those emails can wait, trust me – they are not going anywhere

3. Schedule specific time blocks when all you do is the task you are focused on

Set an actual timer for an allotted period of time to focus on your task and when that timer goes off that means you are done. This will prevent over-working and eventual burnout, which again will make whatever you are working on feel like its less of a chore and more of an exciting project

4. Schedule meal breaks and water breaks

Your brain can only focus for so long before your mind starts to wonder and distracting thoughts start interrupting your flow. Having designated breaks for meals, snack, and water is so important – it will ensure you are nourishing your body with well thought out meals and keeping your body fully hydrated, which will help to keep your vibration high

5. Find an accountability buddy

Ideally this could be someone who is working on similar projects and/or has the same passion for the project being worked on. External accountability helps to keep you motivated and sharing energy of excitement to share your progress with someone who is just as passionate about it will once again raise your vibration