What Is Celestial Energy And How Does It Affect The Human Mind?

What Is Celestial Energy?

Everything in the Universe is connected, all of life is influenced by cosmic energies. The Cosmos is constantly moving and changing and evolving. Celestial energy comes from every single things that exists out there in the cosmos: solar, lunar, planetary and even the voids.

There are specific times when these energies are at their peak such as the solstice and equinox, lunar and solar eclipses, new and full moon

What Does This Have To Do With Us?

The ancients knew something we don’t. They found ways to observe celestial bodies and integrate human behaviors with their cyclic movements. Despite the fact that science has not been able to explain the effects of celestial energy, it is certain that these influences do occur. The human nervous system is unconsciously affected and responsive to changes in cosmic environment.

Do you ever notice that you are more sensitive at the time of new and full moon? Do you notice communication break downs during mercury retrograde? Do you have unexplainable mood swings, periods of tiredness/lack of energy and motivation, headaches, feeling “spacey”?

It is during those times that you may want to pay attention to what is happening up in the heavens. Some things to look up are: what phase is the moon in, what sign is the moon in, are any planets in retrograde, what sign is the sun in

Do you know what your Moon sign is? It is the sign where the moon was at the time of your birth and it has a great influence over your subconscious mind, your motivation and your emotional expression.

How Do We Use This Knowledge To Improve Our Lives?

To live in utmost harmony with the celestial energy, it is important for humans to align nature’s energies with their own energy centers, also known as chakras. Energy manifests itself in various forms, constantly attaching itself to the host. There is a continuous energy flow between human beings and their surroundings.

It is important for us to cleanse our mind, body and soul through meditation and connections to life’s universal energy.

Cosmic vibrations enter our bodies through the crown chakra, so if you are having trouble with meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm, chances are there is a blockage and imbalance in the crown chakra, which can be cleared through energy techniques such as reiki

Want A Deeper Look?

Your astrological birth chart tells a much deeper and detailed story about how all the heavenly bodies influence who you are as a person and lays out a blueprint for your life purpose. You may book your personalized reading HERE and get a better understanding of how the Universe lives inside of you

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