How To Raise Your Consciousness Using Your Astrological Birth Chart

If you find astrology as fascinating as I do, you probably read up on your horoscope occasionally, if not often, to see what answers lie in the sky when it comes to your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Reading your horoscope, however, only gives you a glimpse into your full astrological forecast. There is so much information packed into your natal birth chart, that can exponentially raise your consciousness.

What is a birth chart?

Your birth chart, also referred to as your natal chart, represents location of celestial bodies at the precise moment of your birth into this physical realm. It is a blueprint for your life here on earth during this lifetime. Your birth chart can reveal your natural strengths and challenges, it can reveal certain aspects of your personality, but also wounds and karmic debts that your soul carries into this lifetime. You may look up your birth chart at free sites such as , all you need is your date, time and place of birth. Looking at your chart initially may be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with astrology terminology and glyphs, and you may schedule a reading with a certified natal chart reader. For more info on that, check out this link.

What to look for in a birth chart

When you first see your birth chart, it will look like a pie chart. It will show the location of the sun, the moon and rest of the planets of our solar system. It will also show you which houses each of those planetary bodies are located. The sign locations will represent how the planets act and the houses represent which and how each area of your life is affected. You will also find your ascending (or rising) sign, your midheaven, north and south nodes and Chiron. If you are new to astrology, the Big Three is where you may want to start.

The Sun Sign

Your sun sign is the signs you are probably already most familiar with. That is where the sun was located at the time of your birth and what you typically look up when reading your horoscope. It is your ego, your sense of self, part of you that you sprinkle into everything you do. But that is only a portion of who you are as a whole

The Rising Sign

Your rising (or ascending) sign is how other people see you. You may not necessarily identify with your rising sign, but other people seek you out because they see in you, what they want to have themselves. Which is also why your rising sign is a big part of your soul’s purpose, it is a problem you came here to solve.

The Moon Sign

Your moon sign represents your emotions, your subconscious mind and your internal motivation. You may want to pay attention to which element your moon sign is in, as that will give you an idea of how to nurture your subconscious mind. For example: if your moon sign is in Cancer, which is a water element, it is important for you to incorporate water into your cleansing and self-care rituals.

How is reading a birth chart beneficial?

As mentioned above, understanding your birth chart will give you an insight into your strengths and barriers, but will also help you understand yourself and your soul’s purpose. So many of use often ponder “Why Am I Here?” and that is a question that can be answered by interpreting your natal chart.

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