Harnessing the energy of the fall equinox

Our sun is the source of light and life for all the beings on Earth. The fall Equinox and the summer Solstice are the pivotal moments in the solar cycle of the seasons. 

The History of the Equinoxes

The word “Equinox” means equal night in Latin. On this day, the sun is in perfect alignment with the Equator, which means day and night have nearly the same length.

Ancient observatories of the sky can be found all over the world. Ancient people were aware of the fact that locations of sunset and sunrise vary day by day, and built sacred sites to measure and celebrate changes of the seasons.

In Europe, Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites composed of huge monoliths placed in concentric rings. People still gather there today performing rituals and celebrating harvest season. 

Native American tribes in the Northern hemisphere, perform harvest festivals during the Equinox, placing significant importance on the Harvest Full Moon.

In the South Hemisphere, Incas used to honor the Equinoxes at the top of sacred mountain of Machu Pichu in Peru.  Australian Aboriginals have celebrated Equinox as a time of renewal and rebirth for thousands of years. 

What Is The Fall Equinox

The fall Equinox marks the official beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. This special time is a vital part of enlightenment and spiritual growth for the human race collectively, but often people ignore its importance. 

The Equinox is traditionally considered a time of transition, contemplation and gratitude.  An energetic portal opens, which allows us an opportunity to align with the cosmic flow.

The day of the Equinox is the day of balance, it is a day when light and dark energies are equal and we feel them as one. It is the day to feel one with the planet: one world, one soul.   A time to increase our self-awareness, allowing us to meet our own shadows with compassion. 

The Earth is cyclical and so are we as humans. Fall is the time when mother nature prepares for a type of death and re-birth. Consequently, during this time, we may feel called to let certain things go or release out attachment to making certain decisions or taking actions on certain projects. 

After the fall Equinox, nights become longer than days, bringing us into a period of darkness. This is the time to respect and appreciate darkness, since it is a necessary part of our growth. Introspection and reflection happen when life slows down. 

Spiritual Associations With The Equinox

In the past, people have believed that during Solstice and Equinox, the veil between dimensions gets thinner, and that is becomes easier to communicate with entities, spirits and beings from other realms. 

It is considered to be a potent time to align with the energy of the sun and perform healing practices such as Sungazing. Sungazing has the potential to raise our vibration, remove energetic blockages, and activate the Third Eye Chakra. 

Fall Equinox is a sacred time for us to identify our intentions and desires to manifest into our physical life as well as our spiritual ascension. It is time to let go of self-imposed limitations, doubts, fears and allow ourselves to connect to the higher power within.

This energy of letting go can feel overwhelming, intensity comes when we forcibly hold on to the past instead of freely letting it go. During this time, many of us may feel like we are going backwards, but we are actually progressing.

Fall Equinox is a time to tune into gratitude and honor how far we’ve come, to release into the light and transformative energy of the planet. it is an opportunity to return to balance and presence before continuing on our life’s journey. 

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