Your Midheaven Sign May Be The Key To Your Unhappiness With Your Job

One of my favorite things about doing natal chart readings for people is simultaneously teaching them aspects of astrology that are less known.

Mostly everyone is familiar with their big three when they come to me for a reading: Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. However, there is so much more in your natal chart blueprint that plays a role in helping you find answers about your life’s purpose.

midheaven location and meaning

Your midheaven is located at an angle and is always on the cusp of your 10th house, it is always located at the top of your natal chart, which makes it easier to find and is usually abbreviated MC.

MC typically represents your public eye as it relates to your career, but it actually goes deeper than that. Midheaven represents your contribution to the world, a big part of your soul’s purpose during this lifetime. It is HOW your soul chose to make this world a better place.

do you feel unfulfilled in your current job?

Often, people come to me asking for a natal chart reading because they feel unhappy and unfulfilled at their job, they feel that they are meant for something different, something more meaningful.

If this is you, it may be helpful for you to look this information up before you make drastic changes and just quit. Sometimes when this knowledge is uncovered, the person has a chance to validate their current feelings, process their emotions around their place in the work environment and then be able to make a decision that best suits their future.

Not everyone can simply change a career path, especially when they have been doing the same thing and are settled in. Remember, MC isn’t just about the job, its about contribution.

You may not need to change jobs or careers, you may need to change HOW you are doing your current job, you may need to add other activities outside of your job, you may need to work on changing your mindset.

what your midheaven placement means to you

Aries on the MC means you are a natural leader, a self-starter, you love action and excitement and have high expectations. You love a challenge and you love to keep growing – feeling stagnant at a job will make you resent it.

Taurus on the MC means you love stability, you take time and patients to achieve your goals, you love feeling financial security that comes with your work, so you’re in it for the long haul. It’s important for you to find the right fit because you will put your entire heart and soul into your work.

Gemini on the MC means you need constant simulation at work, you have a whirlwind of ideas and need a place that will allow you to carry them out. Unique experiences, social interactions, fast pace and flexibility to use your creative and brilliant mind.

Cancer on the MC means a career path where you are the nurturer. Helping others helps you to feel validated and important. A place that will allow you to embrace your sensitivity, where you feel appreciated and understood.

Leo on the MC means you love being in the spotlight. You want to be recognized and praised for your work, because you are dedicated and work hard, you put your whole heart into your passion.

Virgo on the MC means you love being of service to people, you are dedicated, strategic and organized. You help things go from chaos to clarity and people admire that about you. You need to feel like your work is purposeful and meaningful. It is important for you to be aware of self-criticism and burnout

Libra on the MC means you love balance and harmony. You are very easy for other people to work with, you have the ability to understand people’s needs and help them fit puzzle pieces together. You are a great negotiator and people easily connect with you.

Scorpio on MC means you need to feel extremely passionate with your work, once you lose that passion, you completely check out and begin to feel unmotivated. Scorpio MC needs to keep things fresh and exciting. You love a challenge that let’s you become a “detective” and dig things up, you are drawn to things that are complex and mysterius.

Sagittarius on the MC means you love being adventurous and constantly seeking new horizons and opportunities. You need excitement, change and flexibility with your work. You love learning new things and you love doing things your way.

Capricorn on the MC means you have great ambition and will likely end up on the top, you are the boss! Your career path is your identity, you are extremely dedicated to your job and can become a workaholic. You also value organization and security and will keep going until you reach whatever power/glory feels satisfying to you.

Aquarius on the MC means you cannot feel like you are confined in a box. You may start following one path and passion, but are likely to change and pivot along the way and change things up completely without a second thought. You do enjoy teamwork, but only with people who feel aligned with your values.

Pisces on the MC means you are a dreamer, you are gifted at following your intuition, creativity and spiritual gifts. You thrive when you are able to follow your heart and go at your own pace, you love helping people and don’t put much value on financial success and glory

do you want to delve deeper into your soul’s purpose?

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