Planets In Retrograde And Their Significance In Astrology

planets in retrograde

When a planet enters retrograde, it appears from our Earth perspective as if that planet is moving in a backward motion. Planetary retrograde is a time for us to pause and slow down, an invitation for do-overs, learning from our past and introspection.

Retrograde period is a chance for us to revisit people, places and things from out past, in order to gather awareness from previous experiences and look at them through a different lens.

Although retrograde periods tend to have a bad reputation when many people expereince breakdowns and havoc, having knowledge about their purpose and aligning yourself, you can avoid stress and take advantage of the opportunities this time period offers.

Following retrograde strategies of focusing on the RE‘s: re-write, re-evaluate, re-strategize, re-organize, etc – helps us to see how these periods can actually help us grow and give us a new/different approach to our life goals.

The most common retrogrades people tend to be aware of are of Mercury, Venus and Mars – which will be the focus of remainder of this article.

Mercury retrigrade

In Astrology, Mercury is known as the planet that governs communication and distribution of information.

Mercury retrograde occurs 3-4 times per year and typically lasts around 3 weeks.

During Mercury retrograde you can expect communication breakdowns, misunderstanding, technology breakdowns, appointment mix-ups, etc.

This is a time period to re-visit old ideas from the past and re-examine them to gain new insights. It is a time to be patient about delivery of information since challenges can occur.

Mercury retrograde is also a time to focus on “unfinished business” related to old writing and/or design projects. Going back to the idea of RE: re-write, re-edit, re-view, analyze, re-communicate.

This is not a good time to start something completely brand new, but rather take a break and work through why certain things/situations/relationships from the past didn’t work out.

It is also a good time to hone in on connecting with your intuition.

Venus retrograde

Venus is a planet that governs love, relationships, finances, beauty/pleasure, things we value.

Venus retrograde typically occurs every 18 months and lasts approximately six weeks.

When Venus is in retrograde, it is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate things we value in life.

This is a time when relationships with your partner, family, friends, etc may be challenged. While these conflicts may be frustrating and aggravations may occur, it is an opportunity to gain greater awareness into our expectations about these relationships and how we approach them.

This is also a time when we gain further insight into our finances and our mindset about wealth.

Venus retrograde pushes us to further understand what brings us pleasure, discover ways relationships can offer us more reward and better understand what love truly means to us, but also ways we can increase valuing ourselves.

Mars retrograde

Mars is the planet representing the divine masculine energy, it is a planet of action, willpower and passion.

Mars retrograde occurs roughly every twenty six months and lasts approximately 10 weeks.

When Mars is in retrograde, it offers us an opportunity to focus on where we lack discipline and discover new strategies to accomplish our goals. In order to do that however, it is important for us to go slow and pause, a chance to take a look at the tools we already possess, which ones may better help us get the job done and which ones can be disposed of.

It is important to be mindful of feelings of anger and frustration coming up from setbacks and postponements – since Mars has the energy of “getting it done!”

We may feel impatient, irritated and become upset due to lack of instant gratification, since we are forced to slow down.

This is a good time to re-evaluate actions we’ve taken in the past and increase awareness into our relationship with anger. A chance for us to see how we can more efficiently use our energy and become better at handling conflict.

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