Lana Shapiro

Holistic Health Coach

Welcome to my page, here is a bit about me!

I worked in the field of mental health and addiction for 16 years

I’ve always felt like there is more to life than what is present in our physical world, but I wasn’t sure how to find it, I didn’t know how or where to even start looking for answers

I have always put other’s needs ahead of my own, I devoted my life to “saving” other people, feeling this urge to save the world!

I felt misunderstood by those around me, continually numbing my emotions out of fear of feeling shut down

I felt powerless and at times hopeless

I felt displaced!

I felt TRAPPED! 

After seeking my own professional help and experiencing several personal awakenings, I was able to discover my VOICE and unleash my intuitive POWER

I quit my job and decided to do things by my own design

I guide you to seek your answers from within – because everything you need is already inside you! 

Are you ready to MANIFEST all your desires?