Lana Shapiro

Lana Shapiro was born in the Soviet Union into a military family life, where she spent most of her childhood, then immigrated to the United States in 1993 at the age of 12.

Lana is a holistic mentor for awakening Starseeds, she is a practicing reiki master, astrologer, and mystic.

Her work is all about mind, body and soul connection.

Lana gained initial recognition after co-authoring a chapter in the book “Our Transformative Journey”.

In early 2021, Lana founded the Starseed Mystic methodology and later created a movement to help awaken the Divine Feminine energy.

In the beginning, Lana studied psychology and the human mind and spent the first 16 years of her adult life providing traditional mental health counseling.

Feeling the urge to teach people the importance of connecting mind, body, and soul, she enrolled in integrated health and nutrition program, which focused on biodiversity.

During this time, she also completed her certification to become a group fitness exercise instructor.

In the second phase of her life, starting around 2017, Lana began studying energy work and delving into esoteric and mystical studies. She connected with her angels and spirit guides, as well her past lives and the higher self.

In the third phase, beginning in late 2020, Lana began incorporating Lifepath Astrology and Tarot into her work, which led to the Starseed Mystic movement and training program for the purpose of guiding Starseeds to embrace their wholeness.

She published several articles in Holistic Fashionista magazine sharing tips from her personal spiritual awakening journey. She also published multiple articles for a local magazine on various topics ranging from mental health tips, physical health tips and spirituality.

Lana is a community leader who is nurturing and offers understanding and intuitive guidance. She understands there are many solutions to any given problem, but bases her philosophy on a belief that “All the answers are already within you”.

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