Spiritual History of Halloween

t happens every year, as soon as the leaves start turning fall colors - the shelves at most stores get stocked with candy, costumes and everything pumpkin. But, Halloween is so much more than the commercialized holiday we know it as today.

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The Meaning of your Moon Sign and What It Says About Your emotional expression

The Moon represents our subconscious mind, which is the emotional body attached to our karmic debts. The Moon also represents how we express our feelings and emotions.

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Harnessing the energy of the fall equinox

Our sun is the source of light and life for all the beings on Earth. The fall Equinox and the summer Solstice are the pivotal moments in the solar cycle of the seasons.

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Using Daily Affirmations To Uncover Self Love

firmations can be very powerful tools for our subconscious mind. Simply defined, affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome negative thoughts, through the cycle of repetition. When done correctly and with intention, affirmations have the power to purify our thoughts and restructure our brain to believe that anything is possible.

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How To Use Meditation To Connect With Your Subconscious Mind

our daily life. One of the ways we activate our subconscious is through the power of meditation.

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How To Raise Your Consciousness Using Your Astrological Birth Chart

If you find astrology as fascinating as I do, you probably read up on your horoscope occasionally, if not often, to see what answers lie in the sky when it comes to your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Reading your horoscope, however, only gives you a glimpse into your full astrological forecast. There is so much information packed into your natal birth chart, that can exponentially raise your consciousness.

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Zodiac Signs With Focused Minds: Is Yours One Of Them?

What goes through your mind when you hear the word meditation? Are you one of the people who enjoys meditative expereince and find it easy to focus and quiet your mind? Or are you someone who feels anxious just at the thought of meditation?

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What Is Celestial Energy And How Does It Affect The Human Mind?

Everything in the Universe is connected, all of life is influenced by cosmic energies. The Cosmos is constantly moving and changing and evolving

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How To Use Focus To Stop Procrastinating

Ever feel like you are so busy all the time, but you don’t actually get important things accomplished?

How To Raise Your Vibration – 5 Practical Ways To Add Flow And Harmony To Your Life

Everything in the Universe is made up of particles that vibrate and they all vibrate at different frequencies. That includes you - you are made up of vibrating particles and those particles vibrate at different speeds depending on your energy. The higher your vibration, the happier you feel. The happier you feel - the higher your vibration gets.