Our Transformative Journey – A Gift of Healing to The World

An Integrative Holistic Health Coach Collaboration

Available in print and electronically


Twenty-one authentic, inspirational transformational journeys that moves beyond pain and despair and into triumph, health, healing and purpose. Stories that will inspire, motivate and empower.

As health coaches we are a part of a dynamic ripple effect. We are 21 people frоm different walks of life coming together to make a change and difference in the world. Although we’re separate and different what binds us is our passion for people, health, healing and transformation. Like butterflies that have gone through change and metamorphosis, we’re now ready to share our transformations and gifts of healing to the world. Our society is in dire need of individuals who can help others achieve optimum health and inner beauty. A lot of us are lost and misguided as it relates to our general well being. Well being in its entirety – health, wealth, success – is necessary for us to live a fulfilled life.

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. Now imagine the experiences of 21 different dynamic experts in different fields compiled in one book. That is a pool of knowledge I would not like for anyone to miss out on.

One of our core values is, “support each other in the global shift to better health”. With this, we hope to create a ripple effect where this transformative journey does not end with just these 21 coaches. We wish for you, after learning and getting the best result to go out there and also teach others. This is why these authors have made themselves available for seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. This way, they can reach out to more people that are still in the ‘dark’ as it relates to the concept of better health.

We are experienced, we are dynamic, and most importantly, we are healthy! We would love for you to be all of these and more!

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