The Elements of Astrology – How To Nurture Your Element 

Astrology elements are essential ways of grouping the twelve zodiac signs, based on key personality traits those signs have in common. Each zodiac sign falls into an element which can then be used to describe not only personality type, wants, needs and desires of each sign, but also overall energetic vibe. This can be a great predictor for compatibility comparison of signs as well

blue and brown milky way galaxy

How To Raise Your Consciousness Using Your Astrological Birth Chart

If you find astrology as fascinating as I do, you probably read up on your horoscope occasionally, if not often, to see what answers lie in the sky when it comes to your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Reading your horoscope, however, only gives you a glimpse into your full astrological forecast. There is so much information packed into your natal birth chart, that can exponentially raise your consciousness.