“As much as I would like to, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Lana in person. All the amazing help that I have received from her has been through e-resources that she provides, and even though I would’ve never thought of it as an efficient means of getting help, I was proven so very wrong! Lana has given me so many resources with which to learn and grow, she listens when I vent, and always has useful feedback.
It is rare for me to hear insight that I hadn’t already thought of, so her help has been priceless. I have gone to traditional therapy for most of my life, but felt like I had hit a wall. My problems are not conventional in nature and Lana has given me insight to explanations I hadn’t even heard about in all of my years of therapy an endless self-help books. I really believe she has a knack for tailoring programs to each individual.
I am very lucky to have come across her and it makes me smile that such a lovely soul like hers exists in this crazy world!” – Victoria G


“When I first met you I just felt so comfortable with you! It was so easy to be myself around you. I think that’s the vibe most people get when they meet you” – Rosa H.


“You are the type of person that makes others feel so comfy they just want to share with you” – Theresa D.


“You’re kind, calm, genuine and your smile says have a sit and tell me everything” – Heather H.


“You are a good communicator and know how to motivate people” – Rebecca L.


“Totally love Lana, she’s in it to Help people and definitely is an amazing coach” – Kimberly L.


“Lana is awesome!!! She provides an environment that is supportive!!! I’ve been part of many of her groups and taken some of her classes!!! Check her out!! You will be happy you did!” – Tara K.


“Lana is very inspirational, supportive, positive, and motivating. She provides excellent tips and assistance …love her” – Lisa K.