“I have worked with Lana on a few projects, and so I was already familiar with the energy that she brings to the table. She possesses a calm stable energy that gives strength and ease through her vibes and communications. Based on our previous projects, I knew going into this that it was going to be something amazing and I was not disappointed. Learning my birth chart with Lana was such a beautiful and gratifying experience. She confirmed for me that I am doing what I was put on this earth to do, and I left feeling super confident in my alignment and even more of a solid stability to forge ahead in my field” – Samantha

“Lana thrives in expanding upon her spiritual offerings. I have experienced reiki + an astrology reading with her. Her enthusiasm + connection is clear; she truly loves serving her clients. + wants to know that you feel complete each time. She is capable of facilitating + holding a beautiful, safe space. I recommend Lana.” – Kristin


“I reached out to Lana a few months ago because I was at the end of my rope. Years of misery and sadness at the core of my heart from life beating up on me…and I wish I had reached out sooner, before I was almost at my end!
But it doesn’t matter when you finally decide to take the plunge and reach for help, it matters that you find the help that is right for you. For me, Lana was that person. I needed someone that understood things that traditional therapists that I had seen for years just couldn’t help me out with. Lana unveiled and revealed some truths that I wasn’t even intentionally hiding; they were just truths that I had masked over with some other story that I kept telling myself. She helped me through my journey. She was there when I needed to message her when I had “one of those moments” and just didn’t know what to do. She listened when I needed someone to hear my story, and above all, she helped me manifest the magic that I knew was inside all along.
She is truly amazing and magical herself!” – Vic

 “Lana is a wonderful guide to be your best self. I always felt safe and protected when talking with her. Totally a no judgment zone and she is so relatable. She’s is a great listener and can adapt easily to a clients needs. I feel she customizes therapy for each individual person. She has the knowledge to help you understand why you feel the way you do and make total sense of it, along with a solution. It’s been an eye opening experience, and I have so many more tools in my belt to get through the ups and downs of life. Grateful for our work together so far” – Amanda

“Lana has truly shown up in some amazing ways during the COVID-19 crisis. Her posts and virtual sessions always seem to land at exactly the right time and provide such meaningful impact, physically and mentally. She is so thoughtful in the way she presents material for her audience and I am SO grateful for her contribution to the virtual space! I only wish I was close enough to take advantage of her classes in person” – Shannon

“Lana provides great guidance and support not only for outstanding classes, but also for overall health and wellness, with inspiration for mind and spirit as well as body. Wonderful!” – Nancy

“Lana is awesome!!! She provides an environment that is supportive!!! I’ve been part of many of her groups and taken some of her classes!!! Check her out!! You will be happy you did!”- Tara