Virtual Classes

Vision Board Class

This class will teach you to set up sacred space, purpose of creating a vision board and how to effectively use your vision board

Protect Your Vibe Class

In this class you will:

Learn how to recognize when you are being affected by negative energy.

Learn how planetary shifts may be impacting you and people around you. Learn how to protect your space and yourself via natural modalities


Healing Power of Crystals

In this class you will:

Learn about the energetic healing power of crystals.
Learn how to pick out and care for your crystals.

Learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Lana is great! She is very easy to talk to and work with. Lana really listens to you and has great ideas to help you figure things out. I cannot wait to meet with her again!

— Jen W

Lana is awesome!!! She provides an environment that is supportive!!! I’ve been part of many of her groups and taken some of her classes!!! Check her out!! You will be happy you did!

— Tara K